Movement and Sports

Movement and sports are important factors for anyone who has undergone an amputation – but not the easiest topics to address. After all, an amputation demands quite a lot from your body. Exercising is not the same as before: perhaps you use a wheelchair or are learning to walk or exercise with a prosthesis. Staying healthy and in shape are extremely important for amputees.

But for many amputees, getting started with exercising is not an easy thing to do after an amputation. The focus is on recovery. It is also challenging to find the right forms of exercise. After all, what are you still able to do? And what is even possible with a prosthesis or amputation? We’re happy to share some tips with you: About what you can do before your amputation to prepare your body, but especially about how you use your prosthesis and how you can get back to working out and playing sports.

Will you be undergoing a leg amputation in the near future? Good physical preparation helps accelerate recovery. Get some tips for training your muscles.

Stay active after your amputation. With or without a prosthesis, there are countless ways to stay active after your amputation. Discover them all!

Swimming is a healthy activity, also for amputees, as it lets you easily work your entire body. Learn how to get started after your amputation.

Nordic walking is the perfect way to stay active, even after undergoing an amputation.

After undergoing a leg amputation, a prosthesis helps you increase your freedom of movement and return to your everyday life.

The best-known sports prosthesis is probably the blade. With the right training, running on blades is definitely a possibility following a leg amputation.

Getting stronger every day with the free app Fitness for Amputees Easy exercises from the physical therapists at Ottobock.

Stay in shape after your amputation with our home workout videos. From a full body workout to simple exercises with your prosthesis, working out at home has never been so easy!

Which exercises work for you and suit you best depends on your personal situation and, of course, on your artificial limb. Read more. 

If your prosthesis stops you from engaging in certain activities, you may think of a sports prosthesis. There are a lot of different sports prostheses available. Read more about the most important influencing factors for the choice of your prosthesis.

Do you suffer from back pain after your amputation? Get more information about the causes and treatment possibilities.

The Paralympic Games, also known as the Paralympics, are global sports competitions for athletes with physical disabilities, based on the idea of the Olympic Games. The games are divided into summer and winter games. Here you can find out more about the origins of the Paralympics and the current Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.

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