Get fit with the free Fitness for Amputees app

Do you have a prosthetic leg or arm and want to work on your health and fitness? Download the free app Fitness for Amputees.

The Fitness for Amputees app offers targeted training for a period of up to six months after being fitted for a prosthesis. It contains easy-to-follow exercises for those who have undergone a leg or arm amputation and was developed by the physical therapists at Ottobock. All you need to get started is a mat, towel and ball.

Start right away!

Exercises for a prosthetic leg

Have you undergone a leg amputation? There are three training modules available. The exercises in the Stretch & Relax module improve your flexibility, help your muscles relax and promote faster recovery after training. Together with the Strength & Endurance and Coordination & Balance modules, the app offers a complete training programme.

  • Strength & Endurance
    The first module contains traditional strength and endurance training exercises without the prosthesis. The goal is to strengthen your upper body muscles and stabilise your vertebral column, as this forms the basis for a more natural gait pattern.

  • Coordination & Balance
    The second module focuses on improving your coordination and balance with your prosthesis. It helps you gain better control of your prosthesis in everyday life and increase your level of comfort.

  • Stretch & Relax
    The third module contains stretching and relaxation exercises without the prosthesis to cool down after training. These exercises help your body recover more quickly and increase your flexibility.

Exercises for a prosthetic arm

Have you undergone an arm amputation? There are two training modules available: Shoulder and Torso. The exercises help you strengthen your muscles, avoid injury and improve your balance. Training these muscles helps you prevent pain and use your prosthesis safely and effectively.

Getting stronger every day

To get the most out of the programme, our physical therapists recommend doing the exercises two or three times a week for five to eleven minutes. They also recommend alternating between the modules often.

Thanks to the three difficulty levels, you can choose the level that is most suitable for your physical condition. You can also choose between a training programme developed by our experts or put together your own programme. Curious about your progress? The app provides you with an easy overview of the exercises that you have completed.