Mental Health

Mental health means a state of mental well-being in which a person can utilize all of his or her abilities. This includes being able to cope with the everyday stresses of life, being able to work productively, and being able to contribute to the community. At the same time, being mentally healthy does not mean being happy all the time. Everyone has emotions, such as sadness, fear or anger. Mental health is important to balance these emotions and keep them in harmony. However, our mental health is a fundamental part of our happiness, as it is a prerequisite for our quality of life. At the same time, it is dependent on numerous factors. The concept of mental health includes personality aspects, such as resilience and our general handling of emotions, as well as social influences, such as belonging to a social group. Therefore it is so important to pay attention to our own well-being and be alert to changes in our thoughts, feelings or body.

A healthy lifestyle not only has positive effects on physical health. Especially after a trauma, like an amputation, it is important to pay attention to your mental health. Learn what you can do to protect your mental health.

Resilience and mindfulness are terms that are increasingly heard in the context of mental health. Find out what exactly is behind them and what you can do to strengthen your resilience and go through your life more mindfully.

If your thoughts and feelings influence your behaviour and your quality of life, your health will suffer as well. That's why it's important to seek support early on. You have several options. We have listed some for you.