Transport & travel with a prosthesis

After an amputation, your life will be altered considerably on many levels. So, it is important to find your own way again in daily life. What is possible with a prosthesis – and what is not? Can you still drive a car, for instance? And what about cycling?

Your daily life changes dramatically after an amputation. Apart from modifications in and around your home, you will also notice changes related to transport. Driving a car and parking or cycling require adaptations. You’ll also have to consider your amputation and prosthesis when deciding on your next holiday (destination). The checklist before you travel is a bit more extensive than clean underwear and socks.

Is it possible for amputees to drive a car with a prosthesis? Is it even allowed? And what other factors do you need to consider before getting behind the wheel. We went looking for some answers. Please note that there are differences between countries. 

Whether taking the train or traveling by tram or metro - our tips and a little extra time for preparation will help you using public transport during your holiday more carefree. Read more about traveling with a prosthesis.  

Do you want to go cycling and don’t know how to do this with your prosthesis? We show you possible modifications for your bike and what you need to consider in advance.  

With the right preparation, you can also enjoy a relaxing holiday with a prosthesis. We show you what you should consider when planning.

Dirk and Ina are going on a long journey with their Van. Within 10 months they want to travel to China and back to Berlin. Follow them on their journey!

Movao member Björn Eser is not only the creator behind the blog & podcast "TheActiveAmputee", but also an experienced traveller. Both professionally and privately, he has already gained some experience on the subject of "traveling with a prosthesis". You can read his tips for a successful preparation here.

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