Prosthetic leg

Together with our hands-on expert Martine, we collected some familiar situations for anyone with a prosthetic leg. We are curious to see if you ever experienced one of the situations. 

There are three different types of suspension systems. You must get a suspension system that meets your specific needs in everyday life. Read more about the most important factors you have to consider together with your orthopedic technician.  

Learn more about suspension and how important it is to choose the right suspension system. You will get a short and simple explanation of the three possible types of suspension systems. 

A prosthetic leg is made up of different elements. Each prosthesis has a socket, a liner, connecting adapters, a prosthetic knee joint and a prosthetic foot in conjunction with cosmetic covers. Discover more about the various components and their functions. 

Due to new technologies more and more new prostheses are available. It is often difficult to keep track of all products. In general, we recommend you to seek advice from your orthopedic technician. Read more about what to consider.  

A liner is an important component of your prosthesis. A liner can help create a better fit and enhance the wearing comfort of your prosthesis. We explain what a liner is and what types of liners are available. Read more.  

Did you ever wonder if it is possible to shower with a prosthetic leg? What are the options for people who wear prostheses? Check out our tips.  

Osseointegration is a method for anchoring the prosthesis directly in the bone. We take a closer look on this technique, its advantages, and the combination with a microprocessor-controlled knee.  

After an amputation, you have to learn to use your ‘new’ limb. We give you some tips and exercises to get started and more comfortable with your prosthesis.

There are different options for prosthetic covers. Some like it natural and others want to have it more colorful and unique. Read more about it.