General information

Your orthopedic technician will help you ensure that your prosthesis fits perfectly. We take a closer look on the most important factors for your prosthesis fitting and what you need to consider in advance.  

What does the procedure of a prosthesis fitting look like? We provide general tips for your prosthesis fitting to ensure the best fit. Discover more.  

You are looking for lifelike prostheses with details such as birthmarks, freckles, and hair? Silicon House is specialized in the innovative production of lifelike silicone protheses with the aim to make it difficult to distinguish between the “healthy” limb and the prosthesis. Read more.  

What are your personal requirements for your prosthesis? What do you need and wish? Read more about what to consider regarding the form and function of a prosthesis.

How do you take care of your prosthesis? We give you some tips for a good cleaning routine.