4 smart questions to ask your O&P professional

Your O&P professional will ask you lots of questions to determine which artificial limb is best for you, but fitting sessions are also a great time to ask any questions you may have yourself. Here are four smart questions to ask.

1. By whom would you have your artificial limb made if you were me?

And an important follow-up question: why? The answer will tell you what your O&P professional values most. Are you on the same page? As a patient, you have to be able to rely entirely on your O&P professional, so it’s important that you pick someone who’s on the same wavelength as you.

2. Could I talk to one of your other clients?

Lots of people like talking to someone who’s in the same situation as they are. For that reason alone, this is a particularly great question to ask. At the same time, it’ll tell you a lot about your O&P professional. What do they excel in? And where is there still some room for improvement? This information will help you decide whether your current O&P professional is right for you.


3. Can I try multiple prostheses?

On average, you ‘only’ spend one hour a day in your car. Still, you’ll probably take a couple of test drives before you pull the trigger on a new car. Your artificial limb will be with you all day, every day and has a tremendous impact on your quality of life. So why wouldn’t you test multiple prostheses before making a final decision? It may not be standard practice yet, but it’s far from a silly question, so don’t hesitate to ask your O&P professional to give you multiple options.

4. What’s expected of me during the rehabilitation process?

Are you a recent amputee? During the rehabilitation process, you’ll encounter lots of different people, including your O&P professional, physiatrist, physician, and physiotherapist. They all play an important role in the rehabilitation process, but you’re the protagonist! You’re the one who will really make the difference; the others can only put you in the best possible position to succeed. So, with every new professional you come across during the process, ask them what they expect from you. This way you can be sure that you’re on the same page and make the most of this difficult but rewarding time.